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Sirius Black Oldman

ciyus black-RGB



yup…i trace this guy again, for the second time

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just another vector paintings


demetris vector

demetris vector

well, someone i don’t really know, saw my christian bale vector paintingsĀ on tumblr, and ask me to vector paint his, so i made it, this is the final result

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A Marriage Invitation

A Marriage Invitation

The marriage of mimi and buad

sebuah udangan sederhana untuk pernikahan duasahabat bulet-bulet ini, alhamdulillah sekarang mereka sudah berbahagia semoga selalu sakinah, mawadah, warahmah. typography oleh si mempelai pria.
Pakaian adat yang mereka pakai adalah pakaian adat Palembang


a wedding invitation for two of my best friend. thank God now they already happy, hope theres always happiness and joy for them. typography made by the groom.
The outfit that they’re use is from Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia

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